Chapter 2: A Rose’s Pretending Paramour

To hear you tell me how you feel
To believe that this is surreal
I just can’t take in to what you just said
Now all I can do is curl up in my bed
Because I know you don’t feel the same
Like I did, now I feel like I’m going insane

Did you ever know how it would feel if you felt like me?
Would you even stop and try and start pretending?
I remember when I wrote you a poem, so you could understand
Now I can’t go any further to explain or expand

You told me that the poem was sweet and all, but you were sick of it
All this, it was hurting you and I, every little bit
I know that it was, but I try so to stop
But I also know I can’t, just can’t drop
At the end of the poem it said you must write back in reply
You tell me that you can’t, and just deny
Why can’t you, I asked on the one
Because I can’t, you said, it’s wrong

I tried so hard to convince you, I wanted you to see
What it was like to feel, to feel what it’s like to be me
To see the one you truly want, just say no
Walk out the door, and just go

I’m sorry that I feel in such a way
I just wanted to hear you say
That you did care for me in the same view
Re-write my history of love, into something new

You told me that I could’ve told you near the time
It wasn’t anything, anyone, nor mine
You said it could’ve been fixed with some hesitation
Now that you tell me, I feel the frustration
It’s so difficult to feel such things
I even wanted to give you my heart on a string

What if I say that the one you’re with, wasn’t with you
And you really liked them, and told them that you do
Even though you knew it was wrong and shouldn’t
You try convincing them to be with you, but they couldn’t
And then they tell you what they’ve just said to me about the wrong
You would have to pretend and hide all the pain that was one

They tell you that they’ve never thought about it in that way
You tell them that’s how you feel, what you see each day
They say sorry, thinking it’d mend
But the more time you spend
Could never fix the broken hole inside
And you would have to divide
The feeling to be fake and pretend
And give in to the truth and surrend

I thought you could’ve given me a chance
I tried to convince you, just for one last dance
But you didn’t stop and try
And now I have to live the lie
On how I feel about you
And all the rest that you do

So here’s the truth, I got to pretend and lie
All my feelings go back in to hide


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