Chapter 5: Porcelain Puppet

Indeed, of course – says one – says I.
Taken into account, mistakes – I spy.
Find yourself lost and found,
Bury corpses into the ground,
Where shards of glass bleed out from your mouth,
Speak words that never seem to go without a doubt –
Things you’ve seen with your watery eyes,
Just to turn your back against cries

Breathe into the ear of your desire,
Bow and worship the King, the God, Sire.
Kneel before him, do as he pleases –
Great expectations, new releases.
Hopes for days of desperate hands,
Mapping over surfaces that no other has invited,
Desperations – delighted.

Forget remorse,
As I search for the source,
Unravel the sheets to find the truth,
Given marks that bruise as proof,
Twisted tongues speak better than one – says I.
Look deep, every inch, something you can’t deny…

Hold on by just a thread,
You and the scissors dance – I dread.
Will you cut the life support we share?
Are you brave and selfish enough to dare?

When hearts collide, we break down
Into the million pieces, which fall from the black cloud
Of the inevitable inspirations,
The urge to explore new destinations

Stop. Foolish worthless, meaningless words!
Watch me, calm me, destroy my nerves!
So that I can’t feel or think,
The void builds – sanity shrinks.

They belong
In my eyes.
The light,
It dies.

Love and compassion, hidden in the depths of body.
Concealed messages, in the hands of the illuminati.

Run. Run. Run.
Evolution has already begun…

Are you the one to save me?
Dare to turn me into the perfect enemy?

No – I won’t stop, I
Won’t stop
Just let me
And watch me


Hear, evil whisper creeping and licking my ear
Taste the fear…

Clench my heart so tight in your fist,
Watch your voodoo work, watch me squirm and twist,
Scream loving words, loving beautiful agony
I am your lovely toy corpse, bury me,
Frame me;
I am your second place trophy.


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