Paranoia spread like cancer,
It glorified in the wake of every breath
Taking over every stronghold within us,
Ripping our futures away in one mighty slash,
Leaving us with nothing but bare tears and heartache.

Absences emerged even more,
Submerging terrorising visions which haunted
Violently, causing our oceans of blankets to twist and turn,
Every betrothed night (where terror did not end),
While agonising riots rallied through
Our fragile minds,

Desperation and fury clenched our starving hearts,
Strangling until blood spat from veins,
Accounting for every antagonising second,
Every manic hour, into every spiteful week,
Destruction enraged behind our eyes.

* * *

I had fallen weak and desperate with slow
And solemn agony,
The moon gazed upon me,
As if she read
My soul, and in her scornful silence, said;
All beautiful and happiest things are dead.
Still, I yearned to hear her tender-taken breath,
Life herself takes misery and pain, joy and glee at pace
While her sister, Death, elevates the beauty of
Mystery and splendour.
Thus, the queen moon whispered;
The beauty is the beginning of terror.

I waved a guilty goodbye, practical
Though my heart sunk to the deepest oceans
Though the voices spoke and screamed
Though my muscles spasmed with loss
I eyed the horizon with eager taste,
The taste of iron and fire.

By the dripping blood on my sliced fingertips,
I draw the fine lines of our beautiful disaster
Over the cracked glass of our hallowed foundations,
With little focused swipes, the details become vivid,
Numbing my canard felony.

Dust of shattered promises fill the air between us,
Lies and tears soak the sullen wooden floorboards
Which moan in agony for every step, (closer)
Against your raging splendour and crazed destruction,
Your pain rose to a thousand feet above me,
And in one mighty sweep,
Destroyed the crumbling everlast within me.
The rubble and debris, memories that litter my shore,
All black as the starless night
From which your wildfire devoured.

Thus I kneel under the morbid sky
With blood and ash-written tattoos
Upon my sliced skin,
I beg for the God to summon the better,
But sell my soul to the Devil
In hope for the great.

The rage behind my eyes,
Hungry and desperate,
Fire within me spreading,
Clustering like cancer.

Ignorance may fail,
Torture will glorify,
Revenge will rule the raging worlds,
Love with endure and heart-sicken,
With enough to fill a pen,
Unspoken papers will travel amidst the hurricanes
Filled to the brim with enough metaphors
To create the monstrous birth.
Can obsession become the possession?
The question is way beyond our matter,
Thus, it grows – grows, grows, grows and grows.
It will grow so large, it’ll spread like the tiny spores
As if the hairs on the back of the tarantula’s back legs,
And blind.

It will blind, stun, penetrate and cluster like cancer.
Tainted pieces of flesh will drape like old ragged cloth,
There; it’ll grow again, spread like fire, cluster like cancer
Torture is sweet,
But revenge is sweeter when served cold.
There, we serve cold.
The perfect way.

Happiness as nothingness,
Pity will thrive in young hearts,
Young blood will spill each night,
Long before the virgin’s moan,
A well fought battle has settled beyond matter,
One shall fall so great
That their very bones will shatter.
Shared addictions, obessessions all the more,
The tearful gore.

We thrived inside each other.
When lust can cure,
While love cannot,
The beauty will festoon in black veins
With hunger and desire, tasteless.
The the ashes fall again for the endless war,
I shall breathe the only air which flows.
While the careless bastard rallyed through,
Smoked with ease of triumphant ignorance,
Empty bliss harboured.

Breathe deeply, steady your breath,
I can still feel the adrenaline pump your heart,
The anger, tangled up in the orgasm of destructive torture,
By the word of death,
I take shape of the starless night,
The cold air that brushes your cheeks,
The cold rain that kisses your skin, hair and clothes,
The snow that will hug your feet and arms,

The snow ball which holds your hand,
The fireworks that light your sky,
The dummies that burn in the flames,
The masked cover ups, awaiting,
The warm whisper will linger in your ear,
Will thrive in you,
The breath you take,

The heartbeat in your chest. Breath.

Infect, cluster, destroy.
Heartbeat. Stop.


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