A blush of memory,
A shimmer of a dream,
Once a tear of happiness
Then a cry of fear,
Kardia, I speak to you
in this dark, cold, evening
wondering if you’re still listening.
Sweet Kardia, so beautiful, so divine,
Majestic, powerful, so sublime
It is your purpose in this world
to function an industry of wonders,
A ball of golden energy, beaming through
the toughest of walls.

Your warmth is infinite,
Your power is great,
The words you speak are so complex
Another like who, Kardia,
can only speak the ancient language
that your tongue echoes.

Dearest Kardia, do you listen?
Can you hear me?
Only the purest and honest can hold your hand,
Only the trustworthy can live with you,
Only the strongest and most valiant can.
But more so, when matters belong to the storm,
Even your strongholds fall.

Kardia, you are strong and powerful,
Even more when you fall.
You fall greater than no other.
Kardia, you are fragile,
and I try to reach out to you.
Kardia, I see you, and remember
I used to live with you.
I used to hold your hand.
But now, I cannot even touch you delicately,
I cannot let my fingers whisk through your hair,
I cannot hold you close and protect you,
Kardia, I broke your strongholds,
I beat you to the floor, and didn’t stop

Kardia, sweet, sweet Kardia,
Can you feel my tears?
Tears of a man, who fell beyond his own
I am the man who took you Kardia,
I took you, looked after you,
Then I was the monster, who destroyed you.

Kardia, I destroyed you, and now you
shake so weak, fragile and tainted
You now cradle yourself in the arms
of the light, forgetting about me.
Kardia, you built walls of concrete so thick
so high, that I cannot break or climb over.

I’ve stained your great wall, Kardia
with my favourite colours, black and red
blue and yellow.

Kardia, can you hear me?
I wish you’d let me help you
I’ve been a monster, but I’ve changed
And your ignorance only hurts me more
Making me want to try harder,
I cannot think no other way,
I suffer against your faded strain
I cannot speak no other away,

Kardia, I hold my breath for you
My last moment to fade away
Let you live, and give you happiness

Kardia, sweet Kardia,
Everyday I watch you wilt
and wither, rot and weep
Only wishing, that those 3 months
Were something to do with me.

Kardia, are you listening?


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