So You Sang To Me

Trembling – the moment between us held too tight against your lungs,

You whimpered, crying hard, begging me not to do this;
those tears of salt, warm and soft, sailing down your flushed cheeks;
my name: the sound of fire, syllables of darkness and light,
A misguided ghost, a broken promise.

You loved me
deeply and amazingly, but crumbled under the pain
that was my own; it’s vengeful ferocity ready to pounce.
But it was me, much larger than life; “beautiful”, you once called me.

You promised you’d sing painfully with honest grace,
and so you sang. You sang and held each note as if
each one had my name on it. You stammered and choked
on the tears that seeped, desperate to stop the chaos taking over me

as I took my final breath.
I’ll follow you into the dark”, you sang twice;
a breath withheld, steady, fragile, longing to save me.


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