Just Smile

Just smile, you said, it’ll take a while –
Yet that while prolonged an enduring trap

Just smile, you said, it’ll be alright –
But that alright meant transformed over night

Just smile, forget about it all –
Despite the pounding rain, the alarms weren’t sounding off

Just smile, you said, it’ll workout –
But nonetheless, that shimmer in your eyes
Told me more than just goodbye

Just smile, you said, it won’t take long –
But I knew better, that it was going to stay
And was going to get worse, day after day

Just smile, forget it ever happened –
But the memory lives to remember,
So that the heart will surrender

Just smile, I said, but I knew I was lying –
Because that smile, meant more than just happiness,
This smile, I told you, this smile…
This smile masked the enduring knowledge
Of you, sleeping next to bittersweet memory
Caressing your ear with its gentle tongue
Of reversed recordings
And taunting flash-forwards
Teasing in the stir of the bed sheets
For which both grabbed on like desperate lovers
Wailing to the basin of their throats
Begging for more, the possibilities
That so eagerly enraged in your heart…

This smile… this smile I wore
Hid the longing fate


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