Chapter 9: Absolute

She can’t catch the tears that stream down her smeared eyes,
It’s been far too long, he’s been away too long.
Her heart pounds angrily in her chest, she’s desperate to shout
The words that one he and herself know.
Now, the cappella begins
His eye of wonder sees a universe,
Where neurotic nebulas bleed on one another,
Desperate chemicals, a fusion,
A fission of madness.
She leans in, kissing his lips longingly,
He finds her hands, and entwines their fingers, securely
Forget about the war behind us,
Forget about the Hell we’ve been through,
Forget about the past, this is now,
This is us.
Her lips brush over his ear, whispering
I love you, and no one could ever replace you,
You know that.He raises her hands, placing them on his cheeks,
Delicate, warm, soft,
Their hearts fuse together,
The moment he leaves, she misses him,
She repeats her same prayer each night to his sightless figure,
Closes her eyes, imagining when he sleeps beside her, arms keeping her safe,
She’d whisper into his ear whilst he slept: “I have the strongest feeling
That I’ll dream about you tonight”
He said the words he never ever forgot to tell her,
He’d always wrap his arms around her,
Locking them in an embrace that protected their hearts,
Protected their moment.
Enough – should’ve never left it broken,
Should’ve held on, should’ve.
Now the hospital doors shut tight,
The monitor can be heard faintly,
Playing its routine melody,
They had the most of their last months of bliss,
He broke her heart, and mended it completely,
Now he wishes that accident never happened,
Now he wishes the blows never hit,
Now he wishes that she should’ve fought back,
But he knows right now, in the dark,
She fights.
Every day and every night,
He watches the hands of the clock wave their hours,
Watches the seconds tick routinely,
Waiting, hoping, praying
That she’ll wake up,
Come back to him, smiling and laughing.
But he knows he’s helpless and pathetic,
Because that’s all he cando: pray and wait.

“You are mine, and I am yours, and forever to this, loyal I will be.”

Come home, my love,
Come home to me,
I’m not the man I used to be without you,
And all I want is you to wake up
Walk through the doors, smiling,
And come home.I love you, and I miss you.Please wake up.

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