The Paramour’s journey has come to an end…

Hello viewers!

This is a sad announcement that ‘Chronicles of a Paramour’ has finally ended its journey [total of 14 chapters]. There will be no more additions to this collection of poetry, unfortunately. But, nevertheless, I hope you all enjoyed reading the collection and learnt a few tips or nifty grammar, metaphors and what not!

Poetry doesn’t stop there, though… my ‘The Last Will Be The First’ is an open poetry collection, and will be heavily filled with upcoming poems dealing with everyday inspirations.

I shall let you on a secret here, since you’ve been real keen readers… My poems actually come off the top of my head. They’re improvised on the spot! I don’t plan – there’s probably a billion mistakes that I don’t notice – occasionally I get a friend to read it to me – I love hearing people read my poems. It’s nice.

Anyway, glad you’ve made it through the first collection, I hope my style of poetry isn’t too confusing or messy for you – that’s what makes it creative and exciting!

Over and out!


a.k.a. Matt 🙂


Your Thoughts?

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