Khinti Y’ov Vole

Hard heavy hearts pound,
Rushed breaths all around,
Bittersweet between my teeth,
Wholly flustering of the heat
Spreading over your silky soft skin,
Your velvet words, a hymn
To my ears – mine, to yours
Honest, all flaws.

Conversations, decisions
Desperations, the coming visions,
Our hearts grew and grew,
Time did not need to say how it knew

Beloved, betrothed, beauty,
Evening’s nightly duty,
Mesmerising smile,
Get lost with me, for a while,
A lover’s sweetheart,
Distance holds us apart

Time ticks,
Eyes stick,
Hearts beat,
Coherence, leave.

A kiss, a kiss,
Here, don’t miss,
Hold, entwine, entice,
Another, no, more; paradise.
Want, need
Take me.

Breathe, breathe,
I need, I need,
So suddenly,
You, me.

Just another; you
Under, I’ll do, I’ll do,
Lost lovers,
In and under the covers
Again, our breaths withhold,
Now, our tale foretold,
Name, your name,
Again, say it again and again.

Imagination, a catalyst; no feign.

Loving art
On my heart,
Venture, hand in hand,
Everlasting stand.

Yes, I do,
Unravel something new

Please and savour,
You, me, saviours.

Wings of the lover,
We dive under,
Get lost with each other,
Say some more, my lover,
Kiss me again, kiss me goodnight,
Kiss me day and night,
Caress and touch,
It’s never too much.

Hold me close, hold me near,
I hear your heart loud and clear.
We’ll do, we’ll do,
Now I feel you


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