Behind your ancient eyes
Lie the conspiracies and history
Of your once gallant grace

You became a legend through heart
And valor; you became a legend through pain
And tears

You became a hero and a villain,
You became a human and a monster,
Empathetic like one, and heartless like the other,

You ripped your chest open to please,
You threw your heart down to keep,
You cherished the ones you loved,
Scorned the ones you hated,
Fed and tortured the deserving and

A restless insomniac,
A procastinator,
A heartbreaker,
A psycho,
A maniac,
Part-time romantic,

Every rebirth is the same,
More and more insane,
Your anger and pain –
All to blame.

Memories shattered,
Memories battered,
They mattered,
While you stammered:
I’m not worth it.

Something you must learn in.

Hit one, two, three,
You long for the need,
Four, five, six,
You’re so sick,
Seven, eight, nine,
You are mine,
Ten, eleven, twelve,
Your knife delves
Into your palm,
Draw the red dew
All over you,

Raw knuckles,
Shrieks and chuckles,
Blood and bruises,
Winners and losers,

One or the other,
Destroy and savour


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