How do you view the world? Do you see it in colour, black and white, or red and black? Who are you listening to? You need to listen to this; there. Are you struggling to listen? Block everything out, if not, sit in a quiet, lock the door, make sure no one can get in. Are you listening? Listen to me. Don’t look away, look at me. Listen to me, hear me breathe, hear my heart, feel my skin; I am human, just like you. The monster? Where does it lie? Is it hungry? Did you forget to feed it? I sense it’s scratching under the layer of your thick scarred skin. You can’t fool people. They know. They know something is wrong with you. How can you get away with those cuts and bruises on your knuckles? No one believes your pathetic stories. They ignore those initials carved on your collarbone – you are nothing when you embed your hate into such a valuable asset. What makes you intriguing to others? You say charm? What a lie. A mask you wear, that stupid smile that wins the hearts of others. Fool. You are selfish. You are the debris that Hell kicks dust over when you’re stupid. Your heart is sewn to your wrist and chest, open, bare, easy for you and others to scratch and draw blood. Those bites of idiocy? Don’t kid yourself; you know who did it. Don’t ask me, ask yourself – work it out; a girl. Of course. Why would you lie? Why would you be so selfish? Pull through, pick yourself up.

You make out that you’re a hero, someone who fights gallantly to the death, when in all honesty, you are afraid – afraid of loss, death, humiliation and isolation. Is that your shield, the very barrier that she put against you? Would you have carved those words into your heart if it meant one wish? Focus. Don’t look away, do not stop. Listen. Don’t look at the wall, don’t look at the door. Focus. You call that a heart? Look at it. It’s rotting. It’s dying. Why do you insist on being so careless? Fix it, without the help of others. Focus. You are struggling now – pay attention. You are sane, stop fooling yourself – you are human. Collect those shattered pieces, finish your bloody masterpiece and bind yourself together.

Bind, bind and bind.


Your Thoughts?

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