Adieu, Billet-Doux

Let there be a God who knows
What these open scars show,
Let Him know that I swear on every lost soul
That there would be no other that could shawl
My withering  heart into darkness;
But let Him know that we are not sinners,
No, let Him see the tears that shimmer
Under the flickering bulb while reaching hands
Stretch towards His guiding light;
Pray, my love, may we meet in another life;
Let our souls’ hands hold and entwine
For our love will remain divine,
Live forever,
Guide and deliver:
Beau geste.

May you be a stranger and read upon this tale,
Hear a voice so bold, yet a mind so frail,
A ghost haunting among these words;
Cursed, perhaps: another learns,
Forgive us for wailing our woes,
For we, He, another, they, know
Our journey did not end
So conventionally tragic.

May you be my lover, reading upon this billet-doux;
Let my words not hurt, harm or shatter you,
See these words from your lover’s façade;
He leaves all his faith and good will in you,
He leaves all the luck you will seek for the tasks to come,
Let him never leave your side, let his spirit remain in your heart,
Let his phantom embrace and cherish you forever;

Because I swear on this tatty heart,
That even though we’re apart,
We leave brokenly into the hole;
Stammering: khinti y’ov vole.

You will remain alive in words,
You will remain in my world,
You will breathe within the paint,
You will forever be my saint.

This is my billet-doux,
My contre-coup,

Adieu, Bijou,

Love Matheiú x



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