La Toleria di Amantoris

Let this be known to [your] ignorant hearts,
Your foolish imaginations and snickering
Cannot understand the extent of this damnation,
This agonising anguish; the restlessness and descent
Into the dark depths of despair.

Your mockery will be the death of you,
Let another shatter your hopes and dreams,
Let another slip from your fingers like the tainted water
That you so happily consume.

Let it be known to your selfish hearts
That one day you will be ripped from your roots,
Torn from your sanity,
Bleed the bruising purples and reds;

I speak for lesser and greater,
The extent of this emotion tremours
Two aching hearts that remain pining
For that amending fixture

Bestow your fruitless fancies;
For words cannot explain the possession
That embraces our hearts;
Like the empty causes – let our pains
Be your entertainment;
Because one will and foresee to rip
Through your chests;

We will stand hand in hand
Over the apocalypse;
Where ashes fall like the northern rain,
And flames that flicker which represent
Our hearts;

Hear me now, your mockery of something
So powerful will bring a greater fate
To your foolish and sickening pride;
Pray a God steals your one true possession
And banish it from your undeserving hands,
Let His wrath emasculate your pompous glory
And throw you into my bloody hands;
I will ferociously strangle your pathetic words
From your throat, and let your pleas bleed
Through your teeth; then, I will render your
Mind and soul, limb from limb
So that you will suffer every angle of
This pain.

Let it be known that none of you
Will understand the distance
Between two similar worlds;
Young or not, there lies the literal
And metaphorical motif,
You selfish unruling bastards.


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