Our Human Sadness

There are lies that overwhelm me,
Consume me rather, endlessly;
So bad, that now I’m blinded.
I’ve been divided
Between rights and wrongs,
Too busy listening to sad songs,
My hands have become so bloody,
It’s condensing this room that I can hardly breathe.

Now I crawl on my knees, screaming at the voices in my head,
All the subtle whispers that have been said…
I carry to crawl onwards with them prodding at me with a stick,
The one with unforgiving words that prick
My skin as they prod, jab and probe.

I crawl out to the rooftops of madness and depression,
There I stand, seeing my future play, its own destruction,
The sun is smothered by smoky thick clouds,
There are rioting crowds
In the streets, setting alight corpses
Like torches,
This is their desire, this is their depression,
Upon them the enduring recession
Of lies, and more lies.

Flames lick the smoky sky,
Ashes that rain down on the world beyond,
Lives that are lost,
Homes that are destroyed,
Memories bludgeoned,
Bodies that are bruised,
Hearts that are cut,
The tears of a child,
The tears of a mother and father,
The tears of a lover,
The tears of a grandmother and grandfather,

Tears of a fallen angel,
Tears of a misunderstood demon,

Riots will run the streets,
Dark poverty among the desolate backstreets,
Blood lust and free-for-all,
Crime, mast of disguises,
The human race, Neo-Darwinism,
Praying for a miracle,
Crying for your God,

My mind is beautiful,
Our world is great,

Mothers and Fathers,
Brothers and Sisters,
Lay down your reaching hands,
Because there is no God or saviour,
We are our own beliefs,
We are our laws and crimes,
Our wrongs and rights,

Our human sadness.


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