Warning: Mature content

Emerge from the darkness, and step out of the sewers,
Crawling, walking with the bloodshot eyes,
The pride, the lies and the blood thirsty taste,
Adrenaline, the ecstasy, your goal.

A dirty hoody, the hood thrown over the face,
No identity for this bastard as he wields the knife loosely,
Casually, this bastard has class, the opportunist.
Jeans that speak attitude, ripped, mucky and stained.
This is the special pair for special occasions.
From knuckles to forearm, white tape to seal fury,
This bastard has game, he knows what he wants.

Watch out, he’s going to get you.

Treading the pavements coolly, he bumps through the crowd.
They shout at him like nothing, something with no feelings.
The cold killer, he’s coming for you.

Skims past the police, unseen, invisible.

Cold eyes that hold no remorse,
He has the grudge on his mind,
The inconvenience that emerges,
You’re the one of the list.

The butcher’s list, he passes that block.
Carries on walking, this time quicker, not looking back.
He can smell you, that scent you’re leaving behind.
The grin on this bastard’s face would leave you mortified.
More than that, devastated, clueless – dead with shock.

Break down the door, rats scurry across the hallway.
He pauses and sniffs the air;
Yes, sweetheart, you’re nearby: I can smell you
Oh, the sweet scent of your perfume…
It’s everywhere!

The sneakers scrape the cement floor as he approaches your door,
Never heard, this building is silent and cold, no windows,
Broken lights, flickering, turning the darkness on and off.
Brilliant, my horror scene, your death scene. Beautiful.
What goes through this psycho’s head?
Death or glory, fame and fortune, emptiness and loneliness?
Pick the right door darling, you’re in for a surprise.

Hand on the handle, slowly open, twist and down

Long deep inhale…



I know you’re here… I can smell you,
Getting sweeter and sweeter as I scope this place.
No one but you and I stand in this room, this building
Because this is where you would run to…
Whenever you felt alone… broken and lost… scared.


Chipping things away with his knife, he looks high and low,
Near and far.

This lounge is a mess.
Broken record just swore and spat in my face.
Sucks to you, b*tch.


Long slow inhale…

Kitchen, messy, dishes, stacked, take away stuffed in the bins mouth,
Overload and sickness, cockroaches scurry.
The little ruts know…

Not here, bedroom…?
Aahh… yes.

Posters of your favourite bands, scattered on your wall.
Well, we don’t want any witnesses do we?

Slash, slash, slash.
Rip, rip, rip, rip.
Blah, blah, blah.
Torn into shreds.
Ha ha ha!

He casts no shadow, this place flickers,
Perfect lighting, dear, prepared this all?
I see no rose petals on your bed,
Ah, the bed.

Running my fingers on your bed sheets
Ahh… yes
We’ve been here before, endless nights,
You and I, never stopping.
Our game, long and deep,
Penetrating and long,
The moan of desire,
Biting at my ear
It’s nails sinking into my back.
Breathless beauty betrothed,
Ohh, baby, give me some more…!
Hit me harder…!

Yes, that’s what you want.

I can smell you…
But where are you, baby?
Don’t mess me around, darling…

High and low, not there.

Ohh, there you are…

Snap back, around quick and fast,
Backlash, crash.
Snap, crash, snap, snap.

Clothes, hung neatly. Not enough?

Snap, hand through,

Pull, pull, pull.
Fight, fight, fight.
Tug, tug, tug.
Cry, cry, cry.
Scream, scream, scream.
Thud, thud, thud.

Pound, pound, pound.
Ain’t no bed, baby,
Ain’t no sheets, baby,
This is the butchers carpet,
In your bedroom.
Ha, ha, ha.
Blah, blah, blah.

Look at that pretty face,
I like it when you’re scared,
I like it when I can hear your heart beating desperately for mercy.

Gag, gag, gag.
Baby, this is my desire,
Tight, tight, tight.
Knot, knot, knot.
Squirm, squirm, squirm.

Hey baby, did you miss me?
Don’t worry, I’ll make this last,
We’ll make this last.
Like those long nights in the sack.
Weren’t those hot, hot, hot nights?
Oh yes…

In, right, in.
Here comes my big, bloody knife,
We’re ready to keep this train going.

In, in, in.
Again baby, again, in deeper.

Climax, here comes the thick dark liquid.

Our long groans to the air,
Just comes to show
Nothing’s changed.
My work is done,
Ta-ta baby,

I kiss your forehead, and get away.
You’re my darling corpse,
Keeps every King satisfied.
See you later baby, I’ll come back tomorrow night.
We’re start again.
Yeah, we’ll start again.

Baby, we can start this life again.
Just you and me.

So he left his mark,
On dash down, another a few millimetres mirroring,
Cross a line not too long on top of the pillars,
Another same length on the anchors,
On her wrist, on her cheek, on her neck.

Doesn’t this send a shiver down your spine?
Fellow readers, he’s out there,
He’s out there alright.

A hooded hunter, in suburban villages,
Urban jungles,
This hunter’s out there looking for those,
Those fools.

Yes, he’s out there.

Now, she lies there, clueless, slowly fading.

I’m coming for you next.


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