So What Are Prose Things?

Hello bloggers!

It has been quite a while – I do apologise for my incoherency in terms of poems, art and other literary pieces. I am slacking that almost makes me ashamed, because these are areas of my interest and hobbies. I haven’t been able to do any because… *long pause here*, yes, you guessed it: I am simply busy composing a number of things whilst juggling personal dealings. But, fret not, my humble followers and viewers: there shall be new material coming your way!

So here’s the break down: tomorrow I have to do a few things, but once I’ve completed these tasks, there will be coming to your WordPress notifications: 2 new literary pieces [one being a prose] and the other will be a piece of art. I appreciate that you’ve been patience and occupying yourselves with far more interesting things; but some of you are my followers – and distant followers – and I don’t want to let you down by being incoherent. But thank you, again, for being patient.

Matt :]

P.S. the title of this newsfeed is a pun! 😀 I’m so punny…! Yeah, I’m rather fatigued and getting a little loopy. A bientot!


Your Thoughts?

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