With Grace

Let it be known to you,
That I, with honest grace,
And with God’s power forth,
Am your knight, but not in shining armour,
No, I needn’t require such,
Because I have been protected with
The strongest of armour: love
And determination.

Alas, I do not deserve you,
For I am not there for you,
But forgive me, as my might
Will splice through the darkness
And save you.

Let it be known, that my love
For you, runs deeper than my very bones,
And that I speak the unspeakable,
And whisper the sweet nothings;
I love you too.

When my eyes touch upon yours,
I see the slow dancing shimmer
In those mesmerising green pools,
There, we sway to sweet melodies,
There I feel the warmth radiate
From within my chest, my mind;
The everlasting memories;
Stupid calls to return;

They say it’s not true, that we can’t be in love,
Because we’re too young,
Yet our twisted thoughts;
Free-flow, deep into our souls,
Ignorance is bliss,
Cherish the last to the first,
For I am praying that they will see,
Something beyond the dark,
Close and far, in-between.

Close your eyes, and I shall close mine,
Remember this, remember me.


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