What’s Coming Soon

Hello bloggers & audience!

It has been quite a while, hasn’t it? Unfortunately, I am still juggling personal happenings at the moment, which is obviously – and clearly, delaying my literary pieces and my art (but my art is a different story, as I’m far more fascinated by words and the like). Fret not, though, for I have been working on some pieces, because I know a lot of you do enjoy the light of my unique, somewhat convoluted style and themes. So, here we are, straight up, this is what’s coming your way:

  • Flicker – a full completed version in my new category: A Few Words For Memories
  • L’odaat Heïm – coming to Vo’xio Dain Me’aa Tente
  • Little Things – coming to The Last Will Be The First
  • Home – coming to The Last Will Be The First

So, as clear a whistle, there are a few interesting-sounding pieces coming to a screen near you. I do hope you enjoy them; hand-crafted and fresh just for you to share/like/comment and such. Also, I’ve hit my 50 followers milestone!! How great is that? I’ve only got you to thank for getting me halfway until the next 100 milestone. My gratitude goes to followers, bloggers, viewers and the like; thank you all, so much. 50 may not be a lot compared to those big bloggers out there, but this is certainly a ‘1000’ in my eyes. Definitely some progress and proof that my poetry is quite interesting. Thank you all, again! I may do something special for you, haha. We’ll see.

However, I have to draw this onto a more serious note. By the end of this week, I shall/might be flying abroad to visit family. My poetry may be delayed a little longer, but I promise you I will be working on new pieces in the meantime so you don’t get restless in/on your seats, chairs, sofas or floors – even toilet seats, haha. Anyway, I hope you’re all enjoying your summer and are seeing some fascinating things, or simply chilling in some well-deserved holiday time. Or just thankful you have time to read something that isn’t work-related.

Over and out!


a.k.a. Matt


Your Thoughts?

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