Little Things

Breathe in, breathe out,
Tell me what it’s all about,
Shh, not too fast, not too slow,
Take your time; I don’t have to go,

Tell me about your day,
How’s it been? Everything gone your way?
Look at you, smiling away,
You’re beautiful when you do;
And yes, I know it too.

No, don’t get up, it’s fine,
Sit back down; take your time,
You need to rest,
Yes, I do know it’s best,

Look at you, laughing away,
You’re quite spriteful today;
How have they been treating you?
All good and well? Shame about the view!

Yes, I have been reading,
No, I’m not leaving.

It’s the little things like these,
So sweet and simple, like a summer’s breeze;
But little things always form into bigger things:
Breezes may turn into gales
And wreck sails.

Your smile casts a veil over the pain,
The hurt, the anxiety that keeps you on edge.
I promise you that everything will be alright,
I promise that you’ll see daylight,
Because I won’t let them keep you,
No, I won’t let it stop you,
No, we won’t let it take you.

* * *

Yes, I do miss you,
I miss everything that you do,
And I miss your company,
Your care and your protection.

Alas, they don’t understand fully,
But you understand clearly,
You never shrug,
You never tug,
You tell me things,
Honest, forward and straight,
Despite my irrationality.

You’re soft and reasonable
Whenever I need guidance.
I’ve messed up a whole lot of times,
But you’ve sacrificed your heart and mind
Just for me, even when I was blinded by

For the times I ran away;
I made you cry, broke your heart,
Tore you and I apart,
I wish I could make it all up to you,
Be there, right by your side;
Watching you, making sure you’ll be safe.

I won’t be able to live with myself if I lost you,
The last became the first; there I realised that
Maybe, I wouldn’t have you for much longer
If something ever does happen.

The night of your hospitalisation,
Left me broken and crying,
Begging and praying for a miracle,

You’ve been a part of my life,
A part of me, from beginning to present,
And I hope that you’ll stay for the future.

* * *

I’ll try my chances – you know me,
Here, there, by the off chance,
No need to thank me,
Oh, yes, you need to rest.

So rest your weary eyes,
Forget about the world with me,
Dream of beautiful fantasies,
I will protect you,
And will continue to do so,
Just for you.


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