L’odaat Heïm

My eyes draw upon yours; I no longer
See the guiding light that was once mine;
My faith: a forsaken oath,
Now one I loathe

Their words tattooed in my veins,
The monster within breaks his chains,
Lashing and gnashing,
All the walls, crumbling and crashing.

Your dubious assurances, your sick words;
All you foul insidious bastards;
Who am I in the light of your eyes?
A dolt? A thief among the lies?
Perhaps a worm, so far down in the ground
Far from grief, far from its resound.

Sick of your judgements, sick of your tears,
Force the bile into your throats, fuel the fears;
Forget escape, your time begins here:

I will make you bleed,
I will make you plead,
I will make you scream
Until the oxygen leaves your bloodstream.

I will break and tear you apart,
I will twist and strain your hearts,
Snap them; whip and cut,
My, what luck you’ve struck.

Tear yourself from your vanity and pride,
Take your thoughts and your social divide,
Swallow your words along with your tongue,
All these disgusting assertions are far from done,
Face me, look at me with eyes that scream fear,
I promise you the very worst, my dear.
Choke upon the lies that you spewed from red lips,
Take your pen and paper, the pages of your scripts,
Trip on every promise you made me,
Fall to the ground and break your knees,
Let the sun burn and dry you out,
Let the world see what you’re all about.
Let the night wind haunt you,
So that my words penetrate you.

Smear and smudge the bloody colours
From your face, forget all the others;
Sit up straight and look at me:
I laugh and scorn your pompous vanity;

Bound your mouth shut,
Stitch it closed, let the needle jut.
Scower and scramble in a dreaded circle,
One foot nailed down; the other bruised purple,
My words on your wrists,
The bruises on her hips,
The taste of his own blood,
The other, dead and buried in the mud.

I am revenge; the anguish,
The boy you laughed at and pushed,
Now a man; a weapon of mass destruction,
Your foe, an obstruction.

Hate them, hate him;
Hate me, hate mine:

L’odaat Heïm.


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