A beautiful summer’s storm,
Night-time’s fantasy, a warm
water’s paramour,
Mind’s hands caress over undefined

Selfless and selfish, I do repent
From my unlettered, unearned
charm –
Whisk me away, into another lovely day,
You, my love: the white dove,
Fall, free-flow below,
Kiss your dreams,
Embrace the dark;
Cover your putrid aroma, your body;
the aptness of a lover’s watch.

Timely patience and ignorant desperation,
Let the thunder fill your heart to the brim
Of greatest delight and deepest sorrow,
Mourn the ghost that possessed your heart
And haunt your hourly slumber,

Let memory become your closest asset,
Hold its hand tight and remain solemn;
The sombre symphonies cheer on the fall
of a recovering empire.

The utterance of wordly mountains
Fill my tatty heart to the hilt,
So much that I choke upon nothing
But air. I long for the rapture
That brings me life;
I beg for that saviour
Who hears my very call
And sends a miracle to my thick
Purple and scarlet hands;
There, I shall kneel in its splendor
And thank what time has presented me.


Your Thoughts?

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