A Little Update

Hello bloggers & viewers,

A few days ago, I safely landed to my designated destination and saw family. If I’m honest, it was a very rough and emotional journey. I’m quite exhausted from the night of my flight to the point of landing. I’m still rather fatigued, but I am attempting to regain sleep, as well as nursing myself back to recovery after a few little brawls I got into late last night. Very. Late.

It is quite a burden to type due to the injuries on my hands/knuckles. Uncomfortable. Also, much to your disappointment, I’m having a really bad writer’s block! So this is why I’m writing to you in prose and thought. I’ve been given strict orders by ‘spiritual advisor’ (ahurhur) to not touch literature for a while so that it can breathe and recoup (literally and metaphorically). Another reason is that I do have family that are in need of company and support, so I am pretty much delayed – and I’m sorry for that inconvenience. But fret not, I shall return!

Over and out,

a.k.a. Matt


Your Thoughts?

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