Morning Revival

Good morning bloggers & viewers,

How are we this fine Wednesday morning? I hope you’re good and all. As you may notice, this is a very early post – 6.04am: my dreaded body clock has awakened me, and I don’t even need to leave until 8-9ish to see family. Annoying or what? Another thing was that, when I went to sleep, my mind just kept thinking about things over and over again, let alone having bizarre dreams! I’m sure many of you will be able to relate to this, it’s a very common thing. I think I managed to black out around 10.30pm.

It’s quite lonely when I go to sleep, because I usually have my beloved ginger cat Cleo curled up in a ball beside/on me. She’s back where I’m situated, being looked after her real owner. I’ll tell you the story of this cat: my best mate was going on holiday, so she asked me to look after her cat while she was gone. Was fine and all; a very pleasant cat. But, when my mate returned, she didn’t come to collect her ginger familiar. Her reason for not having her back? “She’s very attached to you Matt, I’d hate to break that connection” with that charming smile she flashed me. I tell you: I am quite a softy (and apparently I’ve gotten softer…) so, since then, I have kept this ginger thing, and loved it all the more.

Here in the ‘sunny’ England, I have a rabbit. I love rabbits. I’ve had rabbits since I was 5, and have always called them Thumper. We have Thumper the Third at the moment. He’s looking good and healthy – unlike his preprocessors: the first rabbit had died from old age, whilst the other escaped and was hit by a car :(… My heart broke when I was told the news.

I’ve just gotten myself a cuppa (tea/coffee; to me it’s tea), because it’s a bloody 10 degrees Celsius outside, and the weather is still miserable as hell.

[Long interlude of distractions].

Well I’m on breakfast duty today, so I need to wrap this up. I’m SourcedRemorses, commonly known as Matt, and this has been a really choppy post for the morning. Stay tuned!


Your Thoughts?

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