No Brainer

Good evening bloggers & viewers,

This is a complete ‘no-brainer’ from me, because I have no specific topics to converse about tonight. However, I do have a question at hand: do you ever read my posts in a really dramatic low ‘movie-guy’ / Golden radio man / Brian Blessed voice? One of my followers happens to do so, and I’d like to know if you do too – leave a comment in the post below to say if you do or don’t, and like to agree.

I really do feel like I’ve had a lobotomy… I’m being nagged to do something brainless to become un-brainless, haha. But I deeply regarded this solution as petty and daft! So I’ve picked my remedy of choice: music. Ah, yes, music. Music is something we humans like! Music unites and excites, as my motto would be. I’m ever so clever that way. Ahh, this is a big façade and I apologise for the flamboyant intrusiveness; like I’m punching your eyes and minds with rainbow knuckle dusters nicknamed Jedward… (those guys are… they need to be tranquillised… or spaded).

I shall be honest with you; I’m quite depressed and miserable due to the fact that a family member is quite ill, and that I’ve been recently dumped from a pretty decent long distance relationship (you know how it is with these type of relationships. Needless to say, we had made plans, but, thus came an imbalance). But, whatever. I hope she’s happy with her decision, despite acknowledging that I have an ill family member. I am broken and weary from it; always been a little cracked in my life. I seem to meet the wrong women. But, what do I know? Anyway, I hope she is happy, and understands the damage caused upon her decision.

I really do like Poets of the Fall: deep, melodic symphonies; the lead singer has a nice deep soothing voice. Then I like the melodic slur of Andrew McMahon (Something Corporate & Jack’s Mannequin). Also, there’s Lacey Sturm (Flyleaf). I like music that has a nice rhythm and real lyrics. Not your standard mainstream lyrics like “I need you, boo”, but more like “A thirsty man drinking his memories while the water runs sweet and crystal clear for yester-year “. This, is beautiful. It’s poetic, it’s meaningful and sincere. Sure, a song can be sincere if sung in the right note, but the lyrics count too. What’s happened to lyrics these days? I’ve also noticed a lot of songs recycle the same lines between each other – even those of the ‘creative’ experimental genres. But I guess it’s hard to be a little more creative these days, or that you just go for the big bucks. Hmn.

God, I do feel awfully run down. Even the lively beats of my music can’t fight this feeling. It frustrates me that I can’t write any decent poetry, but alas, I will fight my way out of the dreadful poet’s block. Fatigue runs me down, and I am only young. Crikey. Hmn, time for some Keane – Silenced By The Night. A very cheery tune, I do like it. I quite like their new album ‘Strangeland’. Something similar to this is the Scissor Sister’s ‘Only The Horses’, or Fun.’s ‘Some Nights’. My music list is pretty vast and wide. I do like my weekend playlist, which either consists of David Guetta, Hoobastank, Labrinth, any upbeat rock tunes too.

Do you ever get that feeling where you just want to pick a fight, just so get the adrenaline rush from it? All of a sudden I do. Just take my misery out and pummel something to a pulp. My punching bag. Hmn. Or a moshpit. I don’t know. My head is starting to ache real bad now. And the depression is kicking in. Alas. Time to wrap this up, as my mind is trying to go into shut down.

I’m SourcedRemorses, commonly known as Matt; and this has been quite a pandemonium. Stay tuned!


Your Thoughts?

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