Good afternoon bloggers & viewers,

I hope you’re all good and well this afternoon – far better than how I’m feeling lately. Sadly, I still haven’t recovered from the intangible grey that perpetuates my life – one would expect so. The weather doesn’t contribute to this perennial dejection, because I’m in high favour of the rain and stormy weather. Most of the inhabitants of Kingdom of United will disagree with me, and say they’d trade the clouds and floods in for sun and pina coladas – and some beach bodies. But I like the rain. It’s somewhat relaxing and calming. I could sit at my window and watch the rainfall all day (which is quite sad).

The neighbours next door have a leakage; it’s made my sister slightly paranoid now. Whenever there’s a little bit of water on the floor, she’ll ask if there’s any leaks in the ceiling. I reassure her that it’s only from me washing up the dishes. Bless her. Anyhow, with this beautiful weather, we’ve had to bring Thumper III in. So now, he chills around the little fireplace (paradox!) and nibbles away. I let him out sometimes so he can have a run around and exercise. I wouldn’t want him to die from a heart attack, now, haha. Although there is a price to letting him out the pen: he takes a dump on the luscious carpet if he hasn’t in the pen. So my sister tells me off, and I’m deserving of that, but I do clean it up!

I’ll tell you a little bit about my sister and I (and mum). We both have very French names, because our mum is French / British, while our dad is (with the simple complexity) both American and British. So, you would think I’m called Matthew. Yes, that’s right. But my actual French name is spelt Mathieu (I have spelt it wrong in a few places without looking… fail), and is pronounced m(a)-tieu (if that’s too complicated, try typing it into Google translator [Mathieu] and hit the listen button, makes more sense). My sister’s name is Russian, now that I think about it. Oh yes, it is, my bad. Natasha, informally known as Tash if I do name drop. We speak fluent French and….. Latin, haha.

[Long interlude of distractions]

So I’m watching Yogscast’s Hannah play Walking Dead with my ‘spiritual advisor’, shall check in with you guys later.

I’m SourcedRemorses, commonly known as Matt [now Mathieu], this has been a little leak on my morning/afternoon and me, stay tuned!


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