Dongle Power!

Good morning bloggers & viewers,

Yes, I have managed to harness the power of a Dongle (it’s a little portable USB device that allows you to connect to roaming wifi). I haven’t been able to write a lot as I’m getting acquainted with family and such – for safety matters. However, I suppose this is my poet’s rehab, which is good. I think I need time away from the stress of everything happening around me, but I’d like to be writing poetry again, seeing as prose isn’t my strength…

So, what have I been doing? If I’m honest, not a lot. I’ve been into town with Richard (you could say he’s my somewhat distant family member) and my sister. We’re actually up in the north of England enjoying the luscious summer sun…! Not really. It’s been sunny this morning, but now the clouds are rolling in. The forecast shows that the rest of the week will be notoriously miserable. I hope by next week that we’ll have some sun because Richard wants to travel south east to go caravanning.

My plans for today? I will probably just relax and write entries as I’ve harnessed the power of the Dongle. I’d like to talk to my ‘spiritual advisor’ and tell them how I’m coping lately, as I know, they will be pretty eager and happy to hear from me. But if I’ve calculated right, they are still in bed. Argh, the Dongle is struggling with loading webpages (the biggest disadvantage about these things). This means that I have to keep disconnecting the damn thing and reconnect it.

I’d like to wrap this up, but I’ve got some time to write stuff. Perhaps I could try and badger my ‘spiritual advisor’ and see if they’ll wake up. Or, just write to them.

I hope you’re enjoying your summer (weather), I’m SourcedRemorses, commonly known as Matt; this has been a post about my Dongle and how I’ve harnessed its power – stay tuned!


Your Thoughts?

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