Hedgehog Opera

Good evening again, bloggers & viewers,

Hope you’re all well and fine tonight. The weather in England lately is quite pleasant. Today consisted of sunny-spells mainly – I had to get my sunnies out! But alas, it’s pleasant. Tomorrow’s forecast predicts some more sun, which is great, since I’m spending the day out sight-seeing with my sister and Richard.

You’ll notice the Facebook Page like widget on the side, but you will also realise that I’m struggling to link-in my posts automatically. Although I’ve figured that if I cannot harness such power, I will just share each post via WordPress to Facebook. Also, this is my 100th post! Horah for committed randomness and poetry!

I haven’t done a lot today besides going out with the gang, as well as enjoy the sun. However, during the early midnight hours, I was awakened by some squealing. Rest assured, readers, it wasn’t a person, but in fact, a hedgehog. For such little creatures, they squeal and screech like banshees during night battles. Luckily, I must have been exhausted from the day before, because the disturbance quickly became a distant hum. However, my sister and I were disturbed again by another peculiar noise: a man with a megaphone slurring strange words, over and over again perfectly in the right tone. By the sounds of it, he was circulating around the neighbourhood. I tried to drown it out in vain, but gave in and forced myself out of bed, nearly thumping the bunk above me, where my sister lay.

It’s a nice quarter past 10 now, so I’m going to wrap this up and write tomorrow at some point. I’m sightseeing tomorrow, which will be nice, because I’m a fond traveller, and I like seeing new places. Another thing I’d like to chat to my ‘spiritual advisor’, but my messages to make them to acknowledge me are going amiss. Not because they’re ignoring me, but because they are trying to occupy themselves up until my return.

I’m SourcedRemorses, commonly known as Matt. This has been a nice little filler of my day for this evening – stay tuned!


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