Drowsy Games And Ginger Beer

Good evening bloggers & viewers,

I hope you’re all good and well, I certainly am. I’m very tired, however. I went sight-seeing with the family (mentioned in yesterday’s post), and I have to say, it was very nice. It rained a little, was a little bit chilly, but it was peaceful and rejuvenating. I went to see an old manor house that belonged to famous Lords and Ladies, as well as their large and exotic gardens. Absolutely pleasant.

Right now, I’m just writing this little post to you whilst letting my game ‘Shop Empire 2’ run. It’s not as stimulating for the IQ as a crossword, but it entertains me without straining my fatigue. Although, I’ve just missed my chance to catch up with a very close friend of mine – again! Hopefully, though, they will spot that I am contactable, haha. Pardon my lack of precision tonight, I can’t focus due to being so knackered, and Richard smoking makes me even drowsier… let alone my alcoholic ginger beer. It’s not Crabbies, but it’s a cheaper one, and it certainly tastes like beer. I’m not enjoying it in the slightest.

What does tomorrow bring? Not a lot if I’m honest. I gather that Richard will bring my sister and I into town to just wander. I do hope that tomorrow is dry, but English weather is unpredictable – never believe what the weather[wo]men say. They said it would be miserable all week. Well, two days ago, it was sunny! Today didn’t thunder down, it was just light showers. Anyway, I’m straying from the track and drawing this to a close.

I’m SourcedRemorses, commonly known as Matt, this has been a very drowsy and dry update of my life. Stay tuned!


Your Thoughts?

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