Beautiful Weather, Golfing And Sunday Roast

Afternoon bloggers & viewers,

How are we today? For those in the UK – the weather is absolutely beautiful! Breezy summer’s day. Hopefully this will stay and become officially summer. It’s been late coming to the UK, I’ve heard. I’ve gotten a little tan on my arms and legs – decided to wear shorts today because it is simply lovely today.

So today, Richard took us pitch n’ putt golfing and man, was it full of laughter. I’ve learnt today, that I’m the worst golfer ever: I hit the ball too far or in the wrong direction and lost it several times in the rough and shrubs. Tash followed shortly behind the golfing chaos, and Richard himself nearly took someone’s head off. But it was a great day out.

It still continues to shine as clear as a whistle now – all that remains is just the cool summer breeze. Sunday roast tonight as well – I’m looking forwards to it. Another thing is talking to my significant other later this evening – hoping she will be on soon. But given another hour, I will probably be eating dinner.

I’ll bring this to a close, as I feel my inner-poet tingling.

Over and out!


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