A Stroll Round The Lake And Peculiar Dreams

Good afternoon bloggers & viewers,

Today has been yet again, another sunny and clear day in England. A lot of people are coming out and walking, jogging, all sorts – just coming out from the shelter and enjoying much deserved sun.

I went around a nature reserve lake this afternoon with the team. Plenty of swans, geese, ducks, coots, moorhens and even seagulls. Quite a few cherry trees and raspberries growing – picked a few, quite bitter because they’re not fully ripened. I don’t do nature picking often, but it was nice. It’s one of the many things I miss about living in the UK – not the miserable weather (because it was miserable where I’m situated anyway!). I’m slightly tanned from these couple of days worth of sunshine – not that I needed it, I’m quite tanned anyway, haha.

Anyway, lately, I’ve been having very peculiar dreams… I’ve had four dreams in a row, and they’re all very strange. My first dream was held in a library, where the librarians were very strict – so strict that if a noise was made, you were assassinated. Everything was quite dim, the furniture was that generic blue, the glass panes were covered by blinds, all drawn halfway, so people can look through. It all seems very school based – and surprisingly, it was. I was sat at a table, unpacking, and there were two people on the same one, two girls. One was very worried and panicked, the other was bubbly and chirpy. I asked the worried one what was wrong, she replied that she didn’t like the librarians. I asked the other girl why she was so happy, to which she replied with something about tomorrow being a nice day. Then, the first girl looked at me and said “You should see her, everyone’s about to leave”. Clearly, I must’ve been in this library during the final minutes before school ended. I’ve concluded that dream is related to people I know who are still in school. Anyhow, I packed all my things up: books and paper (all blank) and got up, walking down a corridor. It was very shady and dark, the blinds were drawn. I happen to walk past someone else I knew, who looked up and asked me why I was there. I said I was looking for someone – my ex. The person said they were at the back and were about to pass, so I walked on, and met the ex face to face. She said “Oh” in surprise and looked at me. I returned quite a stern gaze, but as I was about to say something, she looked away and tried walking past, there, my dream ended.

I’ve concluded that this dream happened because I recently read some poetry by my ex – out of curiosity – and seen the twists and turns she’s going through. But it has nothing to do with me anymore, her own self-pity and guilt, it was her choice in the end. Another thing is that, before we broke up, she was recently messaging me from school, in her library just as her summer holidays were coming. But the purpose of this dream? Perhaps I just want a final confrontation consciously, but in reality, I don’t want to confront her on anything of our split. What happened, happened; perhaps we were never meant to be, perhaps we were, but now, I have washed all I can of her in my system. C’est la vie.

My second dream consisted of two twins – female, black haired and very fair skin. It was a very brief dream (those ones you have just before you wake up). I was sat down with them, caught in a conversation with the eldest twin, but I had my eyes on the younger twin. But I had a running question in my mind that I can’t place. I held a firm look at the youngest twin, who flashed her lashes at me innocently, blatantly guilty of something. I woke up from this dream just as the eldest asked me “So what do you want?”

This dream has no relevance to me whatsoever. I’m not sure where it came from – usually dreams originate from things you’ve seen or though about consciously, but this one was random, yet I can piece some relevance to the previous dream the night before: dark colours. The twins’ hair was black, while the shadows in the library were very vivid in my unconscious mind. I’ve dreamt of darkness a lot of times the summer before. I speculate whether this is just a summer thing, because last year, such dreams lead to a fall of turmoil and somewhat pain. But those dreams were far more sinister and ambiguous, whilst these dreams are very mediocre.

Moving onto my third and fourth dream. I had two dreams in one night, the first visualising me getting attacked. I was protecting someone, my arms up in defense as someone behind me squealed and screamed as I got attacked by something sharp, because after the first blow, I bled. Whoever was above me, was male, and having a good hack at me. I felt nothing, but I held my guard. The dream quickly changed over a time which felt like an hour, where I was in a forest with a group of people. I was being flirted with, I didn’t know who, but by a female (orientation set straight and clear, obviously, haha), and I told this female that I couldn’t, as I ha/d/ve someone anyway. She shrugged and said fair enough, then spontaneously disappeared into a portal. Strange!

I figured that the first dream out of the two simply related to myself trying to defend someone dear to me, while the second referred to some approaches I’ve had in reality, haha. But the portal, I have no clue. Symbolic? Perhaps a hope for something, or an opening? I wouldn’t know, there are so many symbolic meanings to portals.

Drawing this to a close, I’m having a lovely dinner tonight: ye olde bangers and mash with beans and onion-fried courgettes – very tasty indeed! Also, I hope to talk to my significant other before tonight’s 9.30pm show on the telly (because I’m missing her so much!)

Over and out!



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