Morning bloggers & viewers,

Tis a fine day today – no sun whatsoever and the boiler is taking its time, so my plans to shower have been delayed.

If I’m honest, I’m finding this “Life story” diary thing tiresome and pretty much pathetic (personally). No one’s truly reading them, it’s uninteresting compared to bigger blogs. I’m still going through the poet’s block, but I can’t do a lot about that. A lot of followers are unfollowing because they’re probably put off by the daily blogging. Perhaps I shall keep this to a place where its welcome like tumblr or Facebook – or just not at all. I apologise to those who DO like reading about my day, but I’m going to have to move this or create a separate place for these.

As for today, I probably won’t be on due to errands, as well as spending time with my significant other.

Over and out!



Your Thoughts?

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