Halestorm – Beautiful With You

I love Lzzy Hale’s voice. It reminds me of Heart’s Ann Wilson’s voice [ironically, Halestorm did a cover of ‘All I Want To Do Is Make Love To You’, as well as ‘Bad Romance’ by Lady Gaga]. Both powerful, strong, honest – if I were to hear this at an arena, I would feel the music and serenity go through my body and soul. It’s the simplicity of the lyrics with the ‘rock ballad’ power that make this song beautiful. I personally imagine this song being in the perspective of my significant other. However, despite my efforts to remind her how beautiful she really is, she tells me off for doing so, instead, calling me beautiful, haha. I believe she was the first to ever call me that, and at first, I felt a bit strange being called beautiful, because I’m a young man; but apparently, according to females, it is possible to call an attractive male beautiful, however in terms of aesthetics, such as emotional admiration, intellect and grace… Bit fem-technical for me to grasp, but if I’m called beautiful under that, then there must be something my significant other sees in me, something far more emotionally and spiritually, apart from my physical appearance. Yet, I see her exactly the same way, and that’s partially why I love her, vice versa. However, I know she sees a little tiny bit more in me in which no one else can [supposedly, not to gloat]. Ahh…

Anyway, enjoy the song; I think it’s beautiful!


Your Thoughts?

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