Out Into The Night

Good evening bloggers & viewers,

As you can see, I’ve found my poet’s streak. I’m slowly letting it come to me in small doses because I don’t want to delve into the bucket again as a hopeful poet, and eventually run out of steam. That’s not my goal. My goal is to let all the things around me settle before I truly let my poetic energy release.

Tonight’s doings consist of going out around with my sister; my mum is a little tired and has asked to stay at home with my uncle. I dread what will happen tonight, because I’m pretty sure I’ll be going down heavily under the influence, haha. But I have no need to get smashed to have a good time! Also, I don’t want my significant other worrying about me getting into another club / bar fight, or being harassed by females…perhaps males! Oh dear. Anyway, gotta wrap this up, I need to get ready for my outing.

Party time; it’s Friday.



Your Thoughts?

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