A Little Update

So, our family member has recently come out of the operating theatre in order to remove and slow down the process of further spreading. They’ll be kept in until they’re fit enough to be ‘checked out’. My brother, Matt, is coping. I can’t say much about him in this moment and time, because he’s a little unpredictable – and to say he’s fine would be an irrationalĀ understatement. Both are being well looked after, and that’s what matters. We’re receiving plenty of support from friends, family and readers; and I thank them all so much. It’s very tough, and at times, I do find myself struggling to put on a brave face. But to let my guard down now would possibly mean I’d let down my brother and family. This, I don’t want to do and they too wouldn’t want me to let go.

It seems a lot of people I know are in hospital. For example, my brother’s girlfriend has been taken to hospital, for she too has had bodily malfunctions. I wish the best for them and her, too. Oh, it’s so awful. Do forgive me for my woes, it’s the only place to allow the mind to release the stress.

– Natasha


Your Thoughts?

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