You’ll notice that I’m feeling a little better after a decent night’s sleep – you could imagine it’s a bit of a challenge to do that right now. Also, you’ll also notice that my hospitalised kin are feeling a little better too in this post.

As you can tell, it’s clear I visit my two recovering family daily. It’s reassuring and healthy to do so. I believe that if you’re unwell and lack any comforting company, your body finds it harder to recover. So, if there is comforting company at hand and around – but not excessively – your mind and body feels positive, releasing endorphins (which makes you feel positive). Crying, laughing and exercising – if I’m correct – does the same. Even the company of pets does the same. (Maybe I should bring our rabbit, Thumper in for Matt to pet – he loves rabbits ever since he was a kid, and this happens to be ‘Thumper the Third’, as our last two had tragic ends –  but it could cheer him up).

Both recovering family members are better than they had been before. The operation was successful and everything is alright. Matt is looking a little better too. He’s still a little ‘shaky’, but is in good hands. After the car accident, despite being patched up with body support and obtaining a wheelchair (temporary), he’s got a little stutter. The doctor said it won’t last; it’s just that his central nervous system has been bumped around a bit, so he’s undergoing a treatment called ‘fluency shaping’. I had to do some research on this, and discovered that process involves the individual attempting to prolong their speech through breathing, phonation and articulation. But it won’t take long with Matt.

But the good news is that Matt has gathered quite a lot of inspiration, and would like to start writing again to make the day a little less boring. But he isn’t allowed pens or pencils in the ward he’s in – other inmates there are a little uneasy – plus his motor skills are a little off. I bought him a stress ball to help exercise that (: It seems to be working too. Another week, and both relatives shall be checked out. Then, igniting the best 6 months will commence.

– Natasha


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