Checking Out

I have some rather splendid news! You may have already guessed it from my morning post – and that is it! My family and myself had a discussion with Matt’s doctor and were told that he will be checked out of the hospital possibly tomorrow or Tuesday. Either day, I am pleased and delighted that he will be coming home, including my other family member later next week. However, once Matt is checked out of hospital, he will have to see a counsellor for 3 days a week, stretched over 2 months, approximately, as well as have physiotherapy until he is fully fit again. I’m not sure if Matt will agree with seeing a counsellor – as you know, his views on them are not positive. Maybe there is a way to work around that – some kind of agreement we can make with Matt, convince him into it. But I know that deep down, he would rather be at home, in the comfort of his space, where he can collect himself without being questioned on it. We’ll see what happens.

I am just, overwhelmed with relief – both family members coming home. Gosh. I have a huge grin that keeps creeping on my lips. I am so happy. And I know some of you will be glad he’ll be returning home.

I’m going to celebrate with the family now!

– Natasha


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