Coming Home

Ahh, so my brother comes home tomorrow; mid-morning, afternoon – I simply cannot wait! But it has occurred to me that: Matt may have to battle the stairs in order to get to his room, unless Richard and I set up a comfy space for him downstairs. Really, it depends on how Matt feels – it would be unfair and rather difficult for him to go through such painful labour. So yes, maybe we should. There isn’t a lot my brother can do right now, seeing as he is temporarily in a wheelchair and wears a back brace. Physio is going to kill him. ):

Anyway, I have visited him and family again today. Everything is same-old-same-old – although Matt has perked up a little bit, which is progress. I guess you could say he is happy that he will be moving out. But I need him to understand that he needs to recover without throwing himself into any other trouble… Sigh, he is a man, and men get into all sorts of things, don’t they? But frankly, there isn’t much he can do.

So, as of tomorrow, expect a lot (or little) posts from Matt. But this means that, my job as his secondary blogger and his return, I will be made redundant. ): I am simply a messenger for Matt, especially if something goes wrong with him when no one else is there to inform friends, family and fans. To say I enjoyed blogging would be, perhaps, a lie, because I have had to account the bad news regarding my family and Matt being seriously injured. Sadly, this is a tiring job – I am not an avid writer like my brother, unfortunately. And I don’t write poetry, or do art… I play the violin, read and other girly things. I have to start looking for a job in order to survive in university… I have to start looking now, since I have my final year of A levels to conquer! But it is hard to find a part-time job, some places cannot afford to hire employees and such. Matt had this problem; he worked as a waiter in one of the local cafes for a good few months, but was made redundant because the company could not afford to hire him. Luckily, he has a second part-time job as a bartender. The new world we live in now…

I must finish this up, Richard has agreed to help me set up Matt’s temporary room somewhere, so it will be ready for him tomorrow. (:

– Natasha


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