Well, I’m Back

Hello bloggers and viewers,

Indeed it’s been quite a while since I wrote to and entertained you. I can see that my sister, Natasha, has done a great job on informing all of you about everything and anything – I’ve thanked her a lot for it. Currently, I’m rather delicate and tender now, so that means recovering is going to take quite a while, as well as looking after my ill family member. I too thank you and appreciate your concerns in this moment and time. I also thank you for being ever so patient; I just want to say, I have missed everything and you – yes, you.

So what’s coming this autumn? Well, firstly, today I have spent most of my morning painting my beautiful significant other. I’ve tried to capture every inch and angle of her beauty through simple painting strokes – leave your thoughts and comments on it [once it has been posted] if you like. But what’s coming this autumn, is some more poetry with new themes. With a new collection coming, I’ll be taking you down a very dark path where I explore human desire and untold thoughts. I may make this category password protected because there’s going to be a lot of mature content in there [not so much your 50 Shades of Grey, I promise], but it’s going to be dirty and filthy – and a little bit insane – which will be very exciting!

Other things coming this autumn will be more art. I’m going to try and devote myself to more painting and digital art, which will hopefully extend my knowledge and style. So there’s a little something for other people who prefer visual arts, rather than written word. What else? Ah, well I may re-design my blog – or simply just change the theme – I’m not sure whether I want to. It suits the genre of creative arts and such that I write about here. We’ll see…

Finally, I’ll also try and update you on my life. I may let Natasha do that, as she feels a little left out on here. But I can see in one of her posts, she finds it quite tiring and would rather do more ‘girlier things’, haha. We’ll see how it goes. Anyway, I’ve missed you guys, and I appreciate your concerns and all – Natasha and I really do.

I hope you’ve all enjoyed your summer, I’m SourcedRemorses, teamed with Winterscalling, more commonly known as Matt and Natasha; it’s time to keep our heads high. Thank you for being patient and supportive!


Your Thoughts?

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