Ed Sheeran – Give Me Love

There’s something about Ed Sheeran’s entire album [‘+’] which towers over all pop-indie mainstreamers, casting a shadow on their 6+ needed producers to write about getting drunk, high, falling in love, having a good time and experiencing bad relationships. His compositions are real, sincere, honest, yet simple. The acoustic touch he applies enhances these beautiful elements in his compositions. Sheeran isn’t trying to glamorise himself; he isn’t trying to flaunt his talent or how much he’s earning. His songs deal with real issues, such as young women selling their bodies just to buy some crack [‘The A Team’], or painful topics such as miscarriages [‘Small Bump’]. Many of his other songs deal with being stuck in the past of old loves, of which he’s fallen hard for and been left devastated, then coming across new loves. There are one or two songs in there that are written for people such as his Godparents [‘Kiss Me’] getting married. His lyrics aren’t your generic “you broke up with me / I hate you for doing that / wish I could move on”, no, they’re written with passion, with a careful rhythmic finesse. While some people may find his songs ‘cute’, it is until the second listen to his songs, where you can find a foreboding sadness that underlines his lyrics. And that’s what captured me. He’s created a façade with tender melodies and simple lyrics, but if you look beyond these two, there, you’ll find that Sheeran has slipped in a bit of ‘darkness’. Personally, I think that’s what makes him stand out, and why I find his music deeply interesting and unique. I hope he doesn’t sign up with any greedy producers and ends up being duped for his talent. I look forward to any future projects from Mr. Sheeran.

So here, this is one of my favourites. I find this song quite significant because I’ve always been stuck in the past – I try and move on. I do get somewhere, but then I mess up and end up going back to square one. Memories stick, pain sticks – and they say time will heal the wounds. We know it does, but we’re human, and we find it hard to do that. We can’t co-operate with time because it takes dedication – it’s like a whole new relationship with silent matter. So while you’re trying to rebuild yourself with time and perhaps your new love – depending how successful it is – you can’t help but think about the past.

Now that I’ve [sort’ve] disconnected myself with the past pain, I feel better. Not only that, but my love and I have finally found that snug spot in our on-and-off relationship [3 years!!], and have permanently grounded ourselves together. She knows I think about the past at times, she knows I was hurt quite a lot too; she was always there to help and guide me, even when I looked past her and went with someone else, she did it at the sacrifice of her desires, only to see me happy. I know now I was really stupid and foolish back then, but God, those mistakes happened for a reason, because we’re closer than ever now. We understand each other better, we know how to handle each others’ scenarios, we know what buttons not to push… everything is a lot clearer now – and most importantly: we’re happy.


Your Thoughts?

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