Falling Asleep First

Good morning / afternoon bloggers and viewers,

For some, it’s finally the weekend; drop all stakes and kick back and relax. Plans for your Saturday night? Possibly – most likely.

So this is officially my first day-to-day post about my interesting life and what goes on in it. From the title, you can gather that I’m pretty tired. Why’s that? Well, I’m quite a loyal and devoted type of guy, so I’ve been cashing in time to spend late nights with my significant other. I don’t do it because I have to, I want to [even when she tells me to sleep]. Also, I do it out of love. In fact, we’re that entangled with each other, she falls asleep first…

Hmn… yes, haha.

Friends will know I’m usually the one to fall asleep first in any relationship [friendly included], but lately, it seems I’m tiring her out by just loving her to bits, vice versa. Sure I’m knackered, but it’s only recently that my sweetheart is falling asleep first. However, she needs it. She’s not feeling well at the moment, so rest is what she needs, and if it means me tiring her out to the very point which sends her to sleep first, then hell, why not? 😀

I love her, and whatever state I’m in, she’s my first priority; I want to look after her for a change. :] For the amount of years we’ve known each other, she’s always had my back, and I’ve had hers. If ever something happens to her, I’ll do whatever I can to help her.

God, I’m knackered. It’s been 3 days now where I’ve cashed fatigue in to stay up with my love; I really need to catch up with my 40 winks. I think I’ll get an early night tonight, or nap, then kip later on – and repeat for the next couple of days or so. Hopefully, my love will get enough hours to sleep – she’s a borderline insomniac, you see. Today, she’s got a bit of work to do, so I won’t disturb her too much. I’ll try squeeze in a nap somewhere while she works. Anyway, enjoy your weekend, team, and I’ll write to you again soon.

Over and out!



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