Arty Weekend

Afternoon bloggers & viewers,

Finally, the weekend is just a few hours away [for this hemisphere anyway]! We can kick back and relax for a bit, possibly with family, friends or loved ones; watch a movie or simply just spending some quality time with each other. Those are the little things that I, myself, personally enjoy.

I want to tell you that I have tried being proactive these past couple of days. I’ve been doing a bit of art, rather than writing; for I’m suffering fatigue and the writer’s block. It’s easier for me to just unwind my creativity knack – even if my art is rubbish, it just keeps me happy and level with creativity. As you can see on the right, in the site column, I’ve got a new profile picture. I used Photoshop to digitally paint a cross-section of myself attempting my supposedly ‘dashing smiles’ [not my phrase], as well as displaying my rather ‘handsome hobo beard’ [again, not my phrase, haha]. Ah, I am a mess…

My plans for this weekend is to [like always] spend time with my beautiful significant other and family. Anyhow, I’ll be posting some art later sometime, so stay tuned if you’re into my visual arts rather than my written arts :] Enjoy your coming weekend, team – you’ve deserved it.

a.k.a. SourcedRemorses


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