Morning Day Plans

Good morning bloggers & viewers,

I hope you’re all fine and well this Saturday morning. Is it your day in? If so, any plans? Or is it simply just a lounge-about day? Whatever the plan, I bet your weather is far better than here.

So this morning’s plan consist of relaxing with my significant other. In terms of ‘couple time’, my girlfriend has some work to finish before tomorrow’s deadline, so I’ll do my best to not distract her… no matter how tempting it is – it really is my job to do so, yet at the same time, set an example :P. To avoid distracting her, I’ve planned to occupy myself with games, or perhaps numerous game reviews by the one-and-only Ben ‘Yahtzee’ Crowshaw. For those who aren’t familiar with this wonderful specimen of a man, he’s The Escapist Magazine’s Zero Punctuation reviewer. Some people find it hard to follow him because he’s masterfully structured his reviews with short sharp witty, sarcastic and satirical all in one go. If you listen to his recent reviews, he doesn’t ever take a breath – edited of course. Another thing people may struggle to understand about him, is that he is British. Some people may not like him because of these elements, but hell, I think he is one of many God’s gift to humanity! He’s bloody HILARIOUS! If you’re a gamer, and you like to see some of your favourite game reviews be ripped apart by the comedic Yahtzee, here’s the link to Zero Punctuation:

Anyway, I’ve just finished my breakfast, about to have a nice warm shower. God,  I love showers; they’re comfortable – and especially when it’s freezing. I sometimes never want to leave the shower, but that would mean a huge water bill and excessive harm upon the environment, haha.



Your Thoughts?

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