Robbie Williams – Angels

I know… I know. Dated, cheesy – and probably the worst choice in artist and song. But this is the twist: I f*cking love this song. Why? It’s totally relevant. It’s to my one and only – very cheesy, I know. But times right now are getting rough, and we need each other more than ever. We make the wrong choices while at the same time, we want to be right and correct those mistakes and heal those old wounds. But it isn’t easy when we’re so stubborn sometimes. We, as humans, are stubborn. It’s nature. You can be the sweetest and nicest person out there, but still be reluctant to do something. But that’s beside the point; my point is: I love her. And she loves me.

And c’mon, we can’t say we’ve never sung our drunken / sober hearts out to this song – or even slow danced with someone to it.

[To my love];

Sweetheart, I love you. Remember that.


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