A Promise

May our love bloom,
And our souls live for all eternity;
May our kisses, embraces and sweet nothings
Build the very future we hope to live together.

For only you, yes, you, my love,
Can define this feeling,
This uncanny passion
That I endure for you;

My heart beats
At least a million times or more
Whenever you cross my mind –
I honestly cannot tell,
It just beats constantly for you.

Whatever it is, you surely do make
Me believe that there is at least
Someone out there in this world
That loves me for my past and present;
Every little inch of me, you have accepted (and vice versa)

However, let me promise you that:
Wherever we shall go; far and beyond,
Whatever happens to one another,
(Especially me),
I shall return to you, all in one piece,
No matter what state I’m in.


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