Laptop Conundrum

Hello bloggers & viewers,

It surely has been a while [again]. Alas, I feel terrible for abandoning you at silly intervals. As you can see from the title of this post, what I’m about to explain will make you nod in agreement – or perhaps roll your eyes in ‘oh-so-typical’ thought. Basically, the tale of this ‘conundrum’, is that I had gotten my laptop boosted and updated, here and there. It worked fine for a few days until the screen started blacking out. In a panicked craze – thinking I’d blown my money’s worth – I quickly Googled for a solution. I came across similar experiences that other people had, comparing them with my own. The startling trend proved that it was either a factory fault, or indeed the upgrade – the graphics card was unbearable for the laptop. I sighed and waved it away, believing that I could just lower the performance and graphics on my laptop. Man, was I wrong. It still happened, and it started to really piss me off. I let it be without running anything too hard, until last week. I finished up a few things and smiled to myself a job well-done with some assignments I’d completed. I shut down the laptop happily or my physical labour. The following day, I switched on my laptop and it came to the damned blue screen. Every word under the sun erupted from my mouth. I tried crashing the laptop by holding down the off key, and it worked, briefly. It started coming up with the black screen and saying something about a boot problem. My laptop had knackered out. I took it to a repair place and they said they’d look at it. Took about a week or so, and now it’s fine… so far. I’ll give it a week until it decides to crap out again – which I hope it doesn’t, because I have a lot of things to re-install and start again…

Anyhow, the weekend awaits, and I can’t wait for it. How about you?

a.k.a. SourcedRemorses


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