Bye Facebook

Good afternoon bloggers & readers,

How are we? I hope you’re fine and safe in this wide world. You can already see I have achieved something that some people find difficult: deactivating Facebook. I personally found it easy, because I hardly use it. I mean I set it up with my blog, so that you guys could just hit the like button, but there’s already a like button on my posts. Also, I suppose the ‘Follow’ is the same as ‘Like’ too. I’m sure many of you share similar views as to I, since I find Facebook really monotonous and repetitive – even spammy [actual technical terminology].

Ah, I’m also having a slight off-day; the day where nothing has gone exactly the way you wanted it to go. I don’t mind if it was a few ‘steps to the right / left’, but today, it walked backwards and jumped off a cliff, straight into the shallow end and came out with a sprained ankle. I’m also hungry, I get rather moody too, haha. But that isn’t the catalyst that crapped my day up. I’ve been busying myself all day, since morning, doing notes for my course, felt slightly nauseous for a period of time, and now I’m just miffed – as well as tired. Early night for me, can’t really give two monkeys and a banana, today.

It’s been a rough and ranty post; I apologise everyone.

– Matt


Your Thoughts?

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