The Problem With Mainstream Music

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Today a mate of mine sent me a post by a young lady who wrote to One Direction’s Facebook fan page. I read through it and found it shocking how some of today’s music fans are so disgustingly disrespectful. It’s not just your typical mainstream music fans who are like this [although this post by the young lady focuses on this]; I for one know that there are probably similar cases with not-so-mainstream music genres; there are people who lack any respect and manners for others, simply because they were either spoilt or never taught proper manners when they were young. This is how juveniles and yobs – even murderers – are created. However, it’s not just the parents fault, it is also society’s and the media. It’s a sick carousel that we chase and blame, as well as trying to fix and improve constantly, only to receive an outcome of something that has become outdated by the time it’s out, thus fixing it again. But returning to my main argument here, I genuinely think we, or to say, the next generation, are lacking respect because of how society has shaped a lifestyle of what is ‘perfect’ and supposedly ‘unique’. I mean, what is this lark with ‘YOLO’ or ‘SWAG’? When was it right to call ladies ‘bitches’ and ‘hoes’?

Before I go on, this is the passage from the young lady:

“I don’t know if you guys are aware, but your fans have been some of the most disrespectful, cruel and completely vile kids in the last couple of weeks. Right now, I’m speaking on the behalf of everyone who’s involved with the hardcore scene.

I’ll start off by first bringing up the situation with Alex Gaskarth from All Time Low. He didn’t like your new single, and he tweeted about it. I’m pretty sure it’s O.K. to have opinions. But he made one comment, and soon enough, your fans were telling him to kill himself, to slit his wrists, they were calling him emo, telling him that he needs to die.. for making a ‘less than 140 character’ tweet with his opinion. I’m sure they go around bashing his music, and hardcore music in general, so when he makes one small comment, they all freak out. That’s not really what I’m so angsty about, however.

Mitch Lucker died yesterday morning, at 28. He was the frontman for band called Suicide Silence. It’s a pretty heavy band, so I understand that your fans wouldn’t like it. But what they’ve been saying is completely out of line, and I can’t even believe actual human beings would say that stuff. They’ve been making jokes, saying that he died because he killed himself, they’re saying that he deserved to die because he’s ’emo.’ Mitch was a hero..he was an inspiration to so many. He saved lives, he changed lives. He’s a friend, a husband a father… he’s a human being. And apparently your fans think it’s okay to bash him because he makes a different style of music according to what’s mainstream. But it’s really not okay. They think you guys are the best band in the world, because you’re soo famous, with your ‘inspiring’ songs, which are honestly not that great. They’re catchy, but where’s the real meaning? Mitch wrote and worked hard for what he did, but you guys basically had a free pass, so your fans assume that you’re superior? Bullshit. Mitch was a great man, and your fans are honestly some of the worst that I’ve ever experienced. It’s funny because they say the people who like this kind of music are the “fucked up” ones.. but we’re not telling innocent people that they deserve to die because they have a different opinion… we’re not mocking a man who’s already passed. I just think you guys need to express a sense of respect to your fans. A majority are obviously young, and very influential, and I don’t think you’re the right kind of people who should be leading a very large fanbase if your fans are the kind of people I just described. I honestly didn’t have that big of a problem with you guys, until recently… your fans kind of ruin you, your fans are kind of shit.” – A. M. via Facebook

That’s another thing this young lady highlighted: ‘inspiring music’. I recently read something on a fan talking about Taylor Swift. They said that her ‘We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together’ song was ‘so’ inspiring and ‘meaningful’. Have they truly read the lyrics on paper?

“We are never ever ever getting back together
We are never ever ever getting back together
You go talk to your friends, talk to my friends, talk to me
But we are never ever ever ever getting back together”

Honestly? I believe she reached her lowest low with this song, and it isn’t even her ‘country-pop’ style as to her other songs, such as ‘Sparks Fly’. I could list out all the other mainstream boy/girl bands or singers with supposedly ‘distinct’ style.

I’m in between this debate, because I know for a fact that there are a number of fans who criticise other genres of music too. For example, Black Veil Brides were on the hate-receiving end of the stick too with other fans ripping at their style. [I personally don’t like them, but I needn’t criticise and attack them for that]. It truly annoys me that there are people in this world who have no respect for anyone but themselves. If you think about it on a conspiracy level, music is some kind of force which we abide to. Some people worship musicians; music is a fashion statement, it’s a cult.  It’s quite scary to think of music like that, but there have been cases of music which have hypnotised people []. Could that be the case? Are the catchy tunes of music these days manufactured specially to hypnotise us? Would that be one extreme explanation for followers of Justin Bieber, One Direction or Lady Gaga? Who knows? Or will we ever know?

Music is a fashion statement and it defines who we are. Which ever band or singer we listen to, it reflects who we are as a person. Although I still don’t understand how ‘dub-step’ can define one’s personality… Anyway, music is also a weapon. We use it to get back at the people we hate or love, exes and parents, to losses and beyond. Music unites, music divides. Music comforts, music hurts. It opens our being.

Although, returning to my main argument: I wish people would be respectful, rather than ignorant and arrogant pigs, whatever the reason of distaste was. I almost hate people who are notoriously rude, and have to find entertainment in being selfish by ruining someone else’s good virtue. Vandalism, riots, protesting, war – all and beyond, these are things that are caused by the lack of respect and thoughtfulness. Wars wouldn’t exist if we knew how to be considerate and actually use common sense. Even the London Riots: one young man was shot by accident, so yobs raised the pitchforks by using telecommunications and social networking selflessly to use this opportunity to raid, set fire and destroy people’s homes. It swept across the entire nation because they saw this as an opportunity to just be selfish and careless.

So tell me, where has our respect for each other gone? And not the ‘hey brother respect’, I mean manners for everyone, every race, every sexuality, every orientation, every religion, every music and fashion taste; where the hell has it gone?


3 thoughts on “The Problem With Mainstream Music

  1. In my opinion, respect for other religions, other cultures and such, was never existent in the first place. If you go back in history you’ll notice most of the wars if not all, have rooted from a clash of religion, clash of ethnicity, class of ideals etc, or from feelings of superiority or general ‘I hate you’s from other countries.

    Also to add to the Gaga followers when one person grows balls like lady gaga – no pun intended – every other psychotic serial killer gets a chance to be open about their desires and wants like wearing meat clothes and being barely clothed in public, or wearing garbage bags as clothes. It’s all great and dandy, until a couple of assholes decide to join in and make a little cult to go against the rest of the world’s ideals then we have mini-Hitlers running their gas chambers over the internet, all over the place.

    We all think hey Hitler was an asshole, or Charles Manson was fucked but what about more ‘accepted’ ideas like God. He/She demands attention everyday, decides your fate and when you commit wrong he/she plays the ‘it wasn’t me’ card and blames it on satan, but if you do something right, he/she plays the ‘it was all me’ card. There is no bigger power hungry asshole, than God. Also really he’s pretty sadistic, and insecure. Plays around with people’s’ lives deciding who he wants to kill today, and who he wants born and how – is fucked to the most extreme. I think satan compared to God is a lot more calmer, at least he admits to what he does and it’s not as bad.

    I’m going off on a tangent but my main point was, respect will never be there, it never has been there – it’ll only exist subtly here and there. Nothing big will ever come out, unless people start growing balls, become willing to die and stand up in masses together, in unity, with soul and say “No, world, seriously, fuck you.”

    Maybe then, something will happen.

    We can all sing together and be heard but we can’t all talk together and be heard until that doesn’t change, nothing will.

    1. All due to respect of people’s belief; many cultures channel their loss of comfort or their lack of effort into an ‘outsider’, because there, their beliefs and wrongs/rights are out. However, if we were to remove that, and place a person who has no religion, it is simply like talking to a stranger, admitting their wrongs/rights. Because there has been an awe of the supernatural and the abnormal, people are still in denial of what we call: the common sense. Common sense isn’t common, of course, but it’s rare for a reason, as well as respect – my main argument.

      The question is, the more our world evolves with the up-coming technology and knowledge, which people today, still struggle to accept and come to terms with; is it the fact we lack any of these basic things like respect and common sense because we are moving too fast, so those under society’s foot, are struggling to free themselves from it? Society is the popular kid, who will roll with evolution of the world – technology ect. – and will keep fighting to stay in the rat race, thus it throws out the basic norms and stigmas. Yes, there has been a vast change in what is acceptable and what isn’t. I could give a good example: the Health and Safety regulation recently banned children wearing masks, because they reckoned that the elastic on the masks would somehow with any lack of effort, would injure a child’s eye. All respect to what the Health and Safety have changed where there has been genuine danger hazards, but something so petty and pathetic like that, is just ridiculous. It would take a lot of effort for a child to ping themselves in the eye with the mask elastic. First of all, it goes behind the head, not the bloody face. Ok, a child may play around and put it facing the wrong way, but it would be daft to ping it back like that. It’s things like this which make me question and fear what the next generation is going to do with these constant panic attacks; panic attacks coming from religious bodies, health and safety bodies, technological bodies, the political bodies, even environmental bodies… I truly am in doubt what the world is going to do. I personally believe that if the world were to end, it would be the implosion of the world’s desperate rate race to try and improve things that needn’t improving, or the lack of basic knowledge and manners. Basic maths, basic English, basic grammar, it is all going out the window because of this obsession with being technologically literate, while grammar, spelling, the ability to read, respect and manners plummet to the floor.

      I believe that the more our world obsesses over the idea of being more knowledgeable, rather than less respectful, we will, without a doubt, be at each others’ throats before the scientific demise of our so-called beautiful world ends, because as you say, we are just not civilised because the world cannot decide what is morally right, and what is morally wrong.

  2. I’m in total agreement however, I don’t believe it’s the fact that we’re moving too fast, I think it’s the fact that our focus is flowed. We tend to focus on things that need not attention, or as much attention as we cater to it.

    I think if we change our focus, and build our foundation to becoming strong, then we’d have less problems – but of course nothing is as simple.

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