Foamy Squirrel : Auto Correct

Ah, I’m waiting for the time where I’m going to be told off for ranting too much – and that’s fine, because I will debate back and hope we come to a mutual understanding. But today, and possibly tomorrow, I feel like getting my writer hands on.

In relation to my debate about mainstream music brainwashing our generation; our views of what is morally right and wrong, to the likes and imbalance of negativity and positivity; the one true element that thrives in these rants is how we are dependent on certain things, such as technology. In Foamy’s rant [above], he addresses how we’ve become so¬†complacent with auto-correct; machines and programs that simply spell the word correctly for us, instead of attempting to spell it out for ourselves [that’s how I learn/t how to spell things], rather than physically getting a dictionary to look the word up. Yet, the internet has opened doors for us so we don’t have to physically flip pages to find the correct spelling. I do in fact like to have a dictionary and a thesaurus on me [pocket ones] wherever I go – because internet is not always readily available on the serve. People may think that’s embarrassing and degrading, but I like to think that I can still read and use books! Give a person who’s only used auto-correct and Google search for spelling and grammar, and they will complain it’s taking too long to find the page. Most likely lines to be said would be: “I wish there was a search box” or “I wish books had ctrl+f” [which is the find shortcut], or simply “I can’t be bothered”.

AND… PEOPLE DO NOT PROOF READ!! I sometimes don’t, and that is why I get someone else to read my work, just in case. But most of the time, I try to proof read my work – I say it out loud – I don’t care. I may miss something, but that’s normal. I’m not perfect, I too make mistakes, but I try to address and improve these, whether with someone or with books; I still have the ability to read and write to some extent of correctness.


Your Thoughts?

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