Foamy Squirrel : You’re Too Negative

Foamy addresses the issue with people who have a problem with the ever-mass of negative thinking, including his way of enlightening the unseen and unconscious in a satirical way. I enjoy this entertaining, satirical cartoon. Some people will frown and screw their noses up at this, simply because it’s a cartoon. Well, so is Family Guy, American Dad, The Simpsons, Beavis and Butthead, South Park, Superjail!, and so on. These are just the few examples of satirical cartoons. I was watching Foamy Squirrel once, and an on-looker asked “Why the f*ck are you watching cartoons?”, I turned around to him and said “Simply because he is explaining the issue with people like you; how ignorant you are, and how you lack any genuineness”. He scowled a little and hovered away. However, I was marked from that day on, and ended up getting into a fight with this bloke.

Returning to Foamy’s rant, he’s highlighting those people who plug their ears up and ignore the negative hell around them. They’d rather create this illusion that everything is simply fine and unreal. Of course, there is a vivid amount of naivety floating about in the waters of reality; while those who take a realistic view, tend to be one extreme on either end of the spectrum [that’s your irrational superegos].But, there are those who hold a realistic view that is balanced. There always has to be a balance of negativity and positivity. That’s the one thing we cannot tame: balance.

I stand with Foamy’s rant, because people out there do fail to address the negative and positive properly, and realistically. Furthermore, I understand how he feels toward the people who constantly email him, complaining he’s too negative. Sure, if he offends the beliefs of the audience, hadn’t it been their choice to watch his videos? Like he says, “Too negative? Where the f*ck have you been for 10 years?” Surely those who have been following Foamy for 10 years, would know by now that he does not address the likes of your desires in a sparkly way. It annoys me too, because Foamy has the balls to rant about such things – he isn’t afraid to – and it’s up to the viewer to actually watch it. Some of these people are obviously internet trolls and have nothing better to do. They live a sad and lonely life, only to find pleasure by wanking themselves off to the misery of others – to which I like to point out, is extremely sick. I pity those sort of people, because they will forever hold their grey hairs and rotting joys of hurting and annoying people for the rest of their lives. Again, are probably people who have no respect for others, and only take what they are given for granted. Spoilt? Perhaps. But definitely have an embedded mental malformation. Perhaps loaded with money? Well good for them. They obviously hadn’t earned it in a worth-while way.

So, to conclude, yes, like Foamy, I too don’t understand why people trudge out of their way to only watch something that offends them, knowingly they’ve read the description – if not, had been too lazy to get off their fat arse and read it – and had to email a complaint, because he’s “too negative”. Well, if they had the balls, would they have addressed these real-time issues? Obviously not, because they had to email the creator who is only representing those who do share, find and understand what he is integrating into our naive minds. Sometimes I disagree with Foamy’s views, but I try to take a balanced view of what he says, there, I understand what he means, thus broadening my understanding of the world. But because he’s blunt, people clearly have a problem with straight-forward answers, and fail to see the world in a realistic light.


Your Thoughts?

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