Gamer Goose: My New Gaming Blog

Good evening bloggers & readers,

I hope you’re all good and well today. I certainly am. I’ve finally gotten some work done today, even set up a new blog! Yes, as you can see, I’ve made a gaming blog called Gamer Goose. Why ‘goose’, you ask? Well, it came to mind this morning when I was thinking about my laptop – it’s been fixed [at last] – and how I’ve been ‘metaphorically’ chasing my favourite games, hoping to play them some day. And I have.  I’ve pumped up my Steam inventory with a few games, and shall be celebrating with my significant other with Alien Swarm; because it’s as nears as to zombies. We would usually, play SAS: Zombie Assault 3, but Mochi Games are a bit dodgy and like to delete all of our progress after inactivity!

So if any of you are gamers and would like to stay tuned, click here to check Gamer Goose. I’d like to announce that my team and I will host some games maybe, with notices prior to the date, so it gives you time to think and organise. Our steam usernames are provided on the Gamer Goose > Staff page; message once you’ve added us with this authentication code: GG42637 or GG! so we know you aren’t some anonymous trouble…

Happy gaming!

– Matt


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